Laptop Stickers - Birthday

Laptop Stickers - Birthday

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These days, everyone has the same computer, shops at the same stores, and binge watches the same shows on the same sectional sofas.

What happened to variety being the spice of life? Expressions of individualism that didn't involve getting a controversial tattoo?

Maybe a watered-down, vanilla culture is something that's here to stay. Or, maybe, people just haven't gotten their hands on laptop stickers from The Hustle.

That's right, people. Welcome to the new you complete with a pizza holding a beer or whatever else we concocted in our super-secret sticker lab.

UPDATE: The 24-hours-for-a-free-sticker-a-thon is up which means these guys are going back to $10 each. Yes, it's a high price to pay for a sticker. But we've got stuff to do other than pack envelopes all day. If you still want free ones, refer 10 friends to The Hustle and we'll make it happen.